Threat hunting

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Lenny Hansson
Senior IT Security Analyst

All the work published on this web-site is made in my own free time, and do not represent my employer.

Prefered work

  1. Network Forensic
  2. IDS / IPS systems
  3. Windows Forensic
  4. Malware behavior analyses.
  5. Incident handeling
  6. Advanced DDOS Protection and Mitigation
  7. SIEM Systems (Elastic is the preferred SIEM system)
  8. Tthreat hunting
  9. Vulnerability scanning systems
  10. Firewalls
  11. AV-HIPS Systems
  12. Sinkholing malware
  13. Windows OS hardening
  14. Password cracking systems
  15. Security mail flow testing
  16. And some more stuff.......
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